Repositioning a brand in an emerging sector

In an exciting emerging sector, we created a new brand for the Robot Pub Group. A brand built to last, that would allow them to communicate better with their customers.

The Robot Pub Group needed a rebrand to better communicate with it’s customers. Their existing brand did not do a good enough job of explaining what they did or reflecting their purpose and products. By creating a brand world and refining the purpose, tone of voice and story they could provide their customers with a clearer proposition and therefore increase conversion.

By rebranding, Tabology would deliver a more consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints.

A better defined brand that will help them to communicate more effectively with their customers from now on.

"RPM take a really collaborative approach, which we felt helped bring out the real purpose and beliefs underlying our business. Bringing this to the fore has enabled us to focus on what is important in all areas of our business, not just marketing. We’ve been really happy with RPM from start to finish.”

Phil Neale, Managing Director.