Johnnie Walker

Smart Bottle

Integrating technology into product experiences

We brought new technology into the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle to enhance the shopper experience, while also helping Diageo combat counterfeiting.

By creating smart bottles Diageo could not only track counterfeiting, but also had an opportunity to enrich the shopper and consumer brand experience through mobile interaction. We needed to give drinkers a genuine reason to interact with the bottle – at the point of opening to track and authenticate the bottle, but also throughout the product lifecycle to create a better brand experience. The app had to be more than just marketing, a true experience for consumers lucky enough to take a bottle of their highly prized Blue Label whisky home.

We created both an in-store proximity mobile interaction in Thailand, which allowed deeper brand engagement at the point of purchase, and an app that consumers could use to continue to interact with the bottle. The app provides consumers with a continuous brand experience throughout the product life cycle.