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The Experience Brands Weekly #171

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today as we celebrate women the world over, there are no shortage of campaigns being launched. Whether it’s McDonald’s turning their iconic arches upside down in California, Colonel Saunders becoming Claudia in Malaysia, or Johnnie Walker becoming Jane, there are many brands trying to mark today in some way. So this week, we pick out some of our favourite International Women’s Day campaigns from this year:

Smirnoff and Spotify Music Equalizer

Smirnoff have teamed up with Spotify to highlight the gender imbalance in music. They have created an equalizer which gives Spotify users a percentage breakdown of the number of male and female artists they have listened to over the last six months – before providing an equalised playlist where both male and female artists are represented equally.




Young Creative Council: Badass Gal

To highlight the amazing female talent in the creative industries, Young Creative Council have created the Badass Gal database of 365 creative women who are either already doing brilliant creative work, or are trying to break into the industry. For the next year, new creative women will be added each day.



Unruly’s unstereotype tool

Unruly have created their own tool to assess advertising on whether it contains gender stereotypes. The stereotype finder can identify promotions which perpetuate negative gender stereotypes, objectify the body or depict particular occupations as being better suited for one gender over the other – such as women as housewives or men as engineers. The tool scores material using a traffic light system with any contravention found as above counting as an amber warning light. A red light used to denote content deemed unsuitable for public consumption.


Brawny’s #StrengthHasNoGender Platform

Brawny first started their #StrengthHasNoGender on International Women’s Day in 2016. It is a great example of gradually building a campaign platform year on year, so they are now seen as a brand who can have a credible voice speaking about gender on International Women’s Day and beyond.



Union Coffee

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is launching a coffee exclusively made by Rwandan women, highlighting how it is supporting female coffee producers in places like Rwanda and Guatemala, where coffee production has been very male dominated. It is doing this by making sure women have access to equal ownership and employment conditions.


Finally, I’ll leave you with this piece by Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, a creative, copywriter and member of D&AD’s New Blood Shift London class of 2017 who created this in response to some feedback from a teacher that she needed to ‘dial down the feminism’ in her work.