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The Experience Brands Weekly #170

Influencer marketing: here to stay?

Prizeology recently surveyed 2,000 people across the UK and found that 44% of people thought it was damaging to society. 71% were not aware that there were any rules around the use of influencers. Two thirds of the people surveyed agreed with the statement that their perception of a brand improved when it was transparent about product placement, but 61% felt that brands were not being transparent about their use of influencers.

88% wanted to be informed if people are being paid to promote products, showing the appetite for transparency and authenticity when it comes to brand communication. While influencers can be a powerful part of a campaign, this shows that brands do need to be more open about their use and use influencers with care.

Influencers can play an important role in building connections between brand and audience, whether it’s a celebrity or a vlogger, the key is that they are truly relevant to your audience. Brands need to move beyond targeting just based on demographics to connect with people through their passions. Talking to a group of people based on their interests will create a much deeper affinity between them and your brand, and influencers can play an important part in this, building brand love and credibility in that community.

Other Bites:

Brew Dog: Craft Beer Hotel

Punk beer brand brew dog are taking the idea of a brand home to the next level, creating a hotel at their brewery in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. An immersive craft beer experience, The DogHouse’s rooms will feature beer taps and built-in shower beer fridges.




Pepsico: Drinkfinity

PepsiCo has launched a customisable pod-based range in the US called Drinkfinity. The different flavour pods are designed for use in a special reusable bottle that then creates a flavoured drink for you to enjoy.


McDonalds & Mumsnet

It may seem like an unlikely pairing, but McDonalds are working with Mumsnet to develop a new Happy Meal menu launching this summer. Parents went to the fast-food restaurants development kitchen to work with chefs to create the new menu.