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The Experience Brands Weekly #169

Is this the future of petrol stations?

When there are no longer petrol cars, what will the petrol stations of the future look like? Reebok has worked with an architecture firm Gensler to re-imagine their future. They are suggesting that these spaces are re-purposed as gyms that could generate electricity. So instead of just filling up your car, you visit the gym and potentially a healthy restaurant or meditation pod while your car is recharged, making use of the energy generated by your workout. While petrol stations will be with us for a while longer, Reebok are already investigating pilot options.



If your petrol station is going to be your new gym, how is buying a car going to change? Online car retail is already here - Hyundai have launched a ‘Click to Buy’ scheme which allows you to buy a car online, avoiding the negotiation, at fixed prices and Peugeot lets you choose a car, get a guaranteed part exchange valuation for your existing car, and choose various finance deals in half an hour. Carvana has even created a giant car vending machine. The next change will be what to do with the showrooms - BMW recently announced that the average number of dealer visits per transaction is down to just 1.2, whereas it used to be 3. This leaves car brands with a significantly less time to influence buyers, and also with a lot of retail space that is not being used as much as it could. We will have to see what the showrooms of the future look like, but there is an opportunity to change this retail experience into something much more meaningful for brand and customer alike.



Other bites:

Karama food waste app

A new food waste app has arrived in London today. Karma aims to tackle surplus food by connecting consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocery stores who have spare food. You can buy the food at a 50% discount – so far 50 restaurants have already signed up, so get downloading for some delicious half price food.



Converse: One Star Hotel

Converse have created their own hotel to celebrate their One Star collection. With six different experiences in different rooms, there are also a series of workshops, talks and live music from Princess Nokia, IAMDDB, Mademe and more.



Mango smart fitting rooms

Looking for some fashion advice? Mango has partnered with Vodafone to roll out digital fitting rooms featuring smart mirrors. The digital mirrors allow shoppers to scan clothes tags and contact store staff to request different sizes and colours. The mirror will also recommend additional clothes to complete outfits.