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The Experience Brands Weekly #167

Lessons from The Drum’s Predictions Breakfast 2018

What will 2018 hold for the marketing industry? The Drum hosted its annual Predictions Breakfast this week which aimed to do some educated crystal ball gazing. With three panels of experts, there were lots of hopes and fears for the year ahead, but here are our top 6 takeaways.

  1. Measurement

The metrics that we measure by are going to change – whereas impressions have been king as they are easy to measure, reducing us all to pairs of eyeballs, this is going to change. We need more sophisticated measurement tailored to the campaign’s specific goals – focusing more on purchasing intent or engagement. We need to escape the year on year mentality of matching the impressions last year and focus on the metrics that will help us solve business problems.

  1. Gap between online and offline and challenge of fragmentation

This is the year that the gap between online and offline will close -  instead of very fragmented data sources and silos, this year we will see this all start to converge. This will allow brands to have a much fuller joined up view of purchasing journeys and allow advertising to be much more targeted.

  1. GDPR

It’s coming and it’s going to be a big deal, but no one completely understands it yet and what its implications will be.  There is no one definition of GDPR across Europe, what is clear is it will give consumers a lot more control of their data which is a good thing.

  1. Context is key

We have lost sight of context in recent years, with blanket buying especially in programmatic. In 2018 we will see a resurgence in the importance of context as the drive for transparency continues at pace.

  1. Accountability

If 2017 was the year everyone talked about transparency, this is the year that it becomes a reality as accountability reaches the top of every CMO’s agenda. Transparency will be the norm as clients demand more visibility of analytics and results.

  1. Amazon is coming

This is the year Amazon challenges Google and Facebook as the digital advertising giants. With their purchasing history data, their power will continue to rise as they look to revolutionise retail and monetise voice search.


Other Bites:

Next: Car showroom

Next have come up with a novel way to use their excess space at their largest store – partnering with car retailer Rockar. So next time you pop in for some retail therapy, you could just come home with a lot more than you bargained for.


Ikea Pregnancy Test

Ikea are using an unusual method to give expectant families a discount on their cribs. They have created an ad that doubles as a pregnancy test, revealing the offer only if you are expecting.



Greenpeace: Białowieża Forest

Greenpeace have partnered with Minecraft to stop illegal logging in Europe’s Last Lowland Primeval Forest in Poland. They built the forest in 1:1 scale in the game,  which was an instant hit with gamers who were then shocked when the forest reached peak popularity and suddenly turned into an alternate version with only one tree left standing to show the future we are heading for.