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The Experience Brands Weekly #165

Healthy eating: it’s personal

We are all used to personalised marketing messaging hitting our inboxes every day, but new research suggests that many of us would like to take personalisation into what we eat. A third of us are interested in personalised meal kits or ready mails based on factors like our health goals, weight and height. A quarter of us would take this further and would like ready meals tailored to our DNA. As the ready meal and meal kit category continues to grow and change, it looks like it is likely to get more personal. Waitrose seems to be heading in this direction already, announcing a trial of an in-store nutritionist in two of its London branches. For £95, customers get a consultation, follow-up appointment, personalised lifestyle and diet plan as well as a starter pack of healthy Waitrose food.



Waitrose is not the only supermarket getting behind healthy eating this January, with Tesco launching its Little Helps for Healthier Living this week, a five-year plan in partnership with three charities to try and help us to make healthier food choices. The supermarkets are also getting behind the plant-based eating trend, with Tesco launching its own vegan food range this week, following hot on the heels of Ocado and Sainsburys who expanded their vegan ranges last week. It’s no surprise when veganism has quadrupled in the last decade, and vegan food sales were up 17.2 million in 2016.

As we all think more about our food, where it comes from and what’s in it personalised, healthy food options will succeed. New brands are already popping up, like allplants – which delivers vegan, chef-made meals to your door. As technology continues to develop, it’s just going to keep getting more personal.


Other Bites:

Amazon Alexa x Toyota

Amazon’s Alexa is speeding even further into our lives as Toyota announced that it will be integrating the technology into their cars, allowing us all to control everything from our shopping to our homes on the move.


L’Oréal moves into wearables

L'Oréal has teamed up with designer Yves Béhar to create a wearable UV sensor that tracks sun exposure, hoping to make people more aware of sun safety and thus reduce their risk of skin cancer.


Neutrogena skin scanner

L'Oréal isn’t the only beauty brand investing in technology, Neutrogena have created a new product called SkinScanner that attaches to your smartphone. It produces a magnified image of your skin using a range of sensors, allowing you to monitor your skin’s health over time and Neutrogena to recommend products.