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The Experience Brands Weekly #161

Halloween: The occasion you can’t afford to miss

New research from Mintel appearing in Marketing Week this week predicts that spending on Halloween this year will rise 3.2% from last year to £320m. Last year, over 46% of us spent money on Halloween products, with 27-36 year olds most likely to spend big. Perhaps most surprisingly, in 2016 there were 55% more internet searches for Halloween in October (11.4 million) than Christmas searched in December (7.3 million).

So what is driving this growth? The growing popularity of Halloween can be seen within the wider trend of the experience economy. With people seeking memorable experiences they can share, Halloween is an occasion perfect for this desire, with limitless opportunities for a whole host of different experiences from haunted houses to parties. Halloween is no longer US only, it is growing all over the world and here to stay.

The Mintel research also highlighted that Halloween is largely an impulse buying occasion, with 29% of British people buying on a whim in 2016. It seems we just can’t resist a pumpkin or some ghoulish decorations or sweet treats. The real power of Halloween, as Samantha Dover argues is that “when consumers have a pleasant shopping experience, it undoubtedly sticks in their mind. Therefore, those that can leverage Halloween may well be in a stronger position during the key Christmas trading period.” Win shoppers at Halloween, and it could help you win Christmas.

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Other Bites:

Snickers: Dave becomes Rupert

TV channel Dave had a new temporary identity last week created by Snickers. To prove that "you’re not you when you’re hungry", the every-man channel became the posh and pretentious "Rupert" at 3.28pm. With new programmes, a channel name change in the electronic guide and social media takeover, Snickers showed us all the dangers of being hungry.



V&A Museum of Childhood: Edible Exhibition

To get more kids eating healthy food and take on fussy eating, the V&A Museum of Childhood created a very special exhibition. Inviting over 100 children to a workshop where they could invent their ultimate food fantasies, they then brought the 6 winning designs to life in a delicious interactive edible exhibition. The catch? All the designs were made of health food – from glow in the dark ice cream made from carrots to edible bubbles made of broccoli and cucumber. Bringing children’s food fantasies to life (while getting their 5-a-day).



Love Hearts: Emojis

Love Hearts are getting a digital makeover. In limited edition packs they are replacing their traditional romantic messages with emojis.