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Learn to spot effective shopper creative

Whether it's for on pack, on shelf, in store media or on the web - here are our top tips to help you spot creative ideas that will stop, engage and convert shoppers to purchase.


Boldness in message, boldness in execution.

In cluttered environments like retail, it's often the case that whoever shouts the loudest gets heard. Stand out using a clear single-minded messaging that uses easy-to-read bold type and flat colours to contrast with the type so it pops.


Look for brave concepts that make you feel slightly gutsy.

Fortune favours the brave, so don't be afraid to do something a little off-piste or out there.  If your strategy is strong, your creative can be brave. Attention grabbing originality will work well to disrupt the consumer's behavioural pattern and grab a moment of engagement - and sometimes that's all you need. 


The perfect example of doing something unique and brilliantly executing it.


Look for concepts that really leverage desirability

Competition prizes, limited edition packs, GWPs and beautiful crave shots all work well to increase the desirability factor of a product. Done correctly and done well, the hook can induce a significant uplift in sales.


Put a little faith in digital

There are a number of digital solutions that are worth exploring:

  • Mobile Phone Push Notifications are a great way to target consumers in proximity to the point of purchase
  • Digital displays (large format or small on shelf versions) disrupt shoppers with movement and multiple messages if necessary
  • Social Media conversation can be started by a hashtag which are FREE and a good way to keep the engagement going
  • Existing apps such as SHAZAM can reward consumers with a promotional offer for their interaction, as well as displaying other campaign media and links through to e-commerce
  • Web banners can target specific consumers and are a very effective way to shop shoppers in the ‘on the go’ environment


Meaningful brands should express meaningful ideas

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the instigator of fun or the bringer of light to the world, let your brand personality shine through and pull on the heartstrings of your target market through your brand ethos, and you’ll stand a better chance of converting to purchase.


A fantastic promotion that any caring parent would want to buy in to.


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