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Think shelf-back

Often thought of as an environment defined by habitual purpose and run with ruthless efficiency, shopper marketing could be the most efficient means of game-changing your bottom line. And here’s why…


It’s where the real decisions are made

As marketers, we should absolutely be influencing people right across the path to purchase, but if, as POPAI recently found, 76% of purchase decisions are made in-store, isn’t that ultimately the true marketing battleground?

P&G refer to it as the ‘First Moment of Truth’ – the point at which our audience first have the opportunity to truly engage with what we’re selling to them.


The real moment of truth.


So what is ‘thinking shelf-back’?

Thinking ‘shelf-back’ is about thinking about the consumer's ultimate barrier to purchase at the shelf-edge first, mapping backwards the path to purchase from there. Starting at this point and mapping back, means the hardest barrier to overcome is at the heart of the campaign strategy. It means a better focus on the right problems to solve, leading to more effective conversion for your brand.


It’s a hot-bed of shopper specific insight

The at-shelf environment is often a graveyard for great NPD and unquestionably brilliant comms ideas that appealed to us all as consumers, but now struggle to cut through to modern time-poor, left-brain thinking, shoppers in-store.

Recognising an insightful shopper purchase barrier and developing work that meets that unmet need, never fails to distinguish the category captains from the rest of the pack.


It’ll help change the way you work with your customers

Of course any buyer will still be motivated by a big-spending TV campaign. But on a day to day basis, they’re focusing on maximising the return they can generate from the shelf space they’ve got, and will look more favourably (often unlocking discretionary display ops) on those brands that make it their business to close the purchase loop in-store, at shelf.


We champion shelf-back thinking with clients big and small, both globally and locally, so if you want to find out more get in touch now.