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Align with retailer’s agendas

If you don’t win retailers, you won’t win shoppers. Not only that, it’ll be hard to change your shelf positioning, break free from retailer templates or reduce the amount your products are on price promotion. But you’ll still pay top rate for the privilege.


“We’ve seen a lot in our 24 years of RPM and we’ve learnt that aligning with the strategic agendas of each retailer is one of the cornerstones of all our best shopper campaigns. Building a bespoke strategic retailer plan for each client (we call it an RPM Retailer Bible), leads to stronger, more collaborative and longer relationships between brands and retailers.” Dom Robertson – Managing Director, RPM


Get retailers on your side to get more out of your campaigns

It might seem like other brands know things you don’t when you see them activating outside retailer templates or see how much incremental space they take up in store – but in truth, they may just be better at aligning (albeit sometimes by accident), with their retailer’s agendas.


Our Cadbury’s Campaign for Tesco’s at Easter


Unlocking the hidden strategies for success

Over the years we’ve developed ways to gather all the impactful insights that help us align with retailers’ agendas - from mapping their business landscape and what opportunities that might generate, to understanding each retailer's unique shopper audiences and what effect that should have on our overall strategy.




If you want to understand how an RPM Retailer Bible could give you an advantage in retail, get in touch now.