J&B - Global Re-invention

Driving brand visibility and conversion in retail had become challenging...

J&B enjoys excellent brand awareness, but in an increasingly crowded market (in particular in Iberia, a key region), driving visibility and conversion in retail had become challenging, with obvious implications for commercial performance.

The task for RPM was to reinvigorate J&B’s presence in the on-and off-trade, through provision of an easy-to-implement, scalable and engaging brand toolkit. Using the results of a brand review, we recognised the importance of developing a plan that heroes the intrinsic semiotics of J&B (yellow and red), leveraged the key brand assets (including the distinctive ampersand), drove cut-through through use of leading ‘beacon’ products (Rare & Honey) incorporated engaging technology (illuminated bottle glorification) and desirable value-added activity, to drive better physical availability.


An initiative that leveraged the power of brand equity to drive ease of shop and conversion in-store