Cadbury's Joyville

Cadbury’s new global brand platform ‘Joyville’ is a mythical place that lives in the imaginations of chocolate lovers around the world. The Joyville philosophy is all about making the world a more joyful place and joy being at the heart of everything. We were tasked with bringing Joyville to life to work alongside TV, outdoor and PR in a sampling campaign to drive re-appraisal of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The nationwide activity visited supermarkets, train stations, shopping centres, Vue cinemas and service stations, recreating the magical Joyville world through live billboards and quirky props hiding costumed actors intent on ‘recruiting’ the next Joyville taster. Consumers were encouraged to savour a sample of Cadbury Dairy Milk and submit a one word description of the taste online for a chance to win the coveted role.

We also delivered a Tesco exclusive shopper campaign to get mums to buy Cadbury throughout the Christmas season to build excitement and help them unwrap the joy for their families. The Unwrap Joy campaign gave shoppers the opportunity to sample Cadbury tree decorations and drove them to the seasonal aisle to purchase. All purchases over £1 received a personalised ribbon and gift wrap pack.


Taste Tour is a great example of creative sampling. Unwrap the Joy campaign borne from insight that Tesco customers love a chance to personalise products. Unwrap the Joy held up as Cadbury’s most successful Christmas activity.