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The Experience Brands Weekly #139

Year of the Mobile. Again

Year of the Monkey, year of the Ox… if you thought 2017 was the Year of the Rooster you were wrong. Turns out it’s the Year of the Mobile. Again.

Hasn’t the marketing press been calling this for at least the last three years? 

In 2015 smartphones took a greater share of digital interactions than laptops for the first time, to become the primary device for ‘going online’.

Now the IAB says mobile has overtaken all other formats to claim more than half of digital advertising expenditure, increasing 77% in 2016 to account for $36.6bn in ad revenue.

Rising mobile spend is backed by increases across digital advertising formats, particularly digital video, mobile paid Search and Social advertising which all saw big increases in ad spend.

The numbers quite clearly show brands choosing to make digital video the primary creative asset in digital campaigns where media is bought programmatically. 

Mobile is the beneficiary because of its immediacy - in capturing the attention of audiences whose attention is fractured and no longer directed at the old broadcast channels. And by virtue of its sheer dominance of digital page views – what else do you spend your time browsing outside the workplace these days?

"Mobile, social, video, and programmatic trends combine to redefine the digital landscape, providing unprecedented access for advertisers to reach consumers," said David Silverman, a partner at PwC US.



Nike Unlimited Stadium

Nike launched their new Nike Lunar Epic by creating the Nike Unlimited Stadium in Manila – the world’s first full-sized LED running track shaped like the sole of the Lunar Epic. The stadium fuses the physical and virtual worlds to create a unique experience – participants run their first lap of the 200-metre track which is recorded. On their second lap, an avatar of themselves appears on the LED screens allowing you to race yourself. Beat your time, and your avatar runs your new best time, challenging runners to keep improving. We love this because as an experiences it provides runners with a real benefit, helping them to train and achieve their goals.


Oreo Dunk Challenge

Imagine if you could move Oreos with your mind. Well, for Shaquille O’Neil realised that dream in New York’s Chelsea Market (the site of the original Nabisco bakery where Oreo came from). A suspended Oreo cookie hung from a mechanical arm four feet above a glass of milk and using some pretty cool brain-sensing technology, every time Shaq thought about cookies, or in more relaxed alpha brain-wave patterns, the arm’s motor would descend bringing the Oreo closer to the milk.

Oreo Dunk Challenge