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The Experience Brands Weekly #133

Havas has followed up its headline-grabbing 2008 report in which it first announced that most people wouldn’t blink and eye should 78% of brands simply slip away into the never-never. In 2017 it finds that figure isn’t exponentially increased, in fact it hasn’t increased at all.

Most of us still wouldn’t care a fig should 78% of brands disappear completely, the Meaningful Brands Survey concludes once again.

It’s still bad news for most brand managers. But the stasis at least suggests that the strongest brands are getting something right.

They single out the impact a brand has on the quality of a person’s life, specifically the role that meaningful brand content plays in personal wellbeing.


A few headlines:

  • Meaningful Brands have outperformed the stock market by 206% over the last 10 years
  • The correlation between how a brand performs on improving personal wellbeing and the strength of its content is 71%
  • 84% of people expect brands to provide content that:
    - Entertains
    - Tells stories
    - Provides solutions 
    - Creates experiences and events


If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that this is music to our ears.

Give people things they care about and create some value in their lives instead of shouting at them where you’re least welcome.

You can read the full report here




Co-op partner with SORTEDfood to launch free new online cooking course

Co-op have partnered with SORTEDfood (a British YouTube cooking channel) to launch a new website called “Now Cook It”, aimed at teaching Millennials how to cook. The website was created following a study last year in which Co-op discovered that 25% of 18-35 year olds were not interested in learning how to cook and 28% of those who couldn’t cook didn’t see why they should learn. The two brands see the website as the first step to helping address the cooking skills gap.

The well designed website allows users to: learn core cooking techniques, follow complete recipes and a gamification element has been layered in whereby you can see your level increase as you learn more techniques and practice more recipes. The site is nicely designed for mobile too and the content is well-written, with great how-to videos dotted amongst the recipes. Co-op haven’t incorporated a “buy now” online function but have incorporated a Co-op store finder function.



Band and brewer collaborate to create T.R.I.P, a beer-bum

The American band The Lights Out have teamed up with Boston based brewer Aeronaut Brewery to create a co-branded beer called T.R.I.P., which is short for “The Reckonings in Pandimensionality”. It is the first time ever that a new album has been released on the side of a craft beer can, not only this but the beer inside has been brewed especially to fit with the album’s music. As band guitarist, Adam Ritchie, states “The beer fuels a drinker’s trip through the multiverse, and the album is the soundtrack to that journey. The reason we’re releasing T.R.I.P. on a beer is to create a full sensory experience.” This exploration of a multi-sensory musical drinking experience is not a new concept in the world of beer, last year we covered Stella Artois after they partnered with hip-hop band The Roots to release "Bittersweet," an original song that compliments and enhances the flavour profile of the beer.

The album is available exclusively to those who buy the beer and the can comes with instructions on the side for drinkers to tweet #TRIPME to @TheLightsOut and @AeronautBrewing