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RPM was founded in a cowshed in Wokingham back in 1993 with little more than entrepreneurial spirit and a belief that brands needed to start doing what they say.

Twenty years later, we are still proudly independent (in mind, spirit and approach) with 140 talented industry professionals living and breathing brands from the Old Treacle Factory in Shepherds Bush.

We work with some of the world’s most discerning brands delivering positive brand behaviour across the globe, including Europe and West Africa.

Say & Do

We do this by:

  • New Talent Scheme: recruiting the cream of new talent and giving them exposure to a variety of departments.
  • Social Monkeys: organising events from ‘just for fun’ to ‘fundraisers’
  • Golden Treacle Tin: Recognition of excellence for the creative department with the winner receiving the prestigious ‘Golden Treacle Tin’ trophy and a £50 bar tab at the Crown & Sceptre.
  • The Experience Fund: Staff can pitch for £500 towards an experience that will aid their personal development.
  • Sports Teams: Active RPM Netball, Cricket, Football and Rugby squads.
Aaron Hone Aaron Hone
Aaron Hone
Abby Still Abby Still
Abby Still
Agi Varanyi Agi Varanyi
Agi Varanyi
Alice Libaudiere Alice Libaudiere
Alice Libaudiere
Amy Bachelor Amy Bachelor
Amy Bachelor
Amy Kliner Amy Kliner
Amy Kliner
Anna Anna
Anna Belleblack Anna Belleblack
Anna Belleblack
Anna Roberts Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts
Anna Yateman Anna Yateman
Anna Yateman
Anne Ellefsen Anne Ellefsen
Anne Ellefsen
Antonia Whilby Antonia Whilby
Antonia Whilby
Beccy Gibson Beccy Gibson
Beccy Gibson
Ben Cowell Ben Cowell
Ben Cowell
Ben Smith Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Woolf Ben Woolf
Ben Woolf
Bethan Cross Bethan Cross
Bethan Cross
Blair Grieve Blair Grieve
Blair Grieve
Caren Simonsz Caren Simonsz
Caren Simonsz
Carl Smith Carl Smith
Carl Smith
Catherine Sterry Catherine Sterry
Catherine Sterry
Chloe Rollinson Chloe Rollinson
Chloe Rollinson
Chris Hughes Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes
Claire Bence Claire Bence
Claire Bence
Claire Drese Claire Drese
Claire Drese
Claire Palmer Claire Palmer
Claire Palmer
Craig Fiddes Craig Fiddes
Craig Fiddes
Damian James Damian James
Damian James
Dan Ayling Dan Ayling
Dan Ayling
Dan Bosher Dan Bosher
Dan Bosher
David Sen David Sen
David Sen
David Wall David Wall
David Wall
Dermot Mcquaid Dermot Mcquaid
Dom Robertson Dom Robertson
Dom Robertson
Ellen Phillips Ellen Phillips
Ellen Phillips
Emer Ohehir Emer Ohehir
Emer Ohehir
Emma Barker-muzzell Emma Barker-muzzell
Emma Barker-muzzell
Esther Hadley Esther Hadley
Esther Hadley
Fiona Maher Fiona Maher
Fiona Maher
Frankie Jeal Frankie Jeal
Frankie Jeal
Geraldine Buhrkohl Geraldine Buhrkohl
Geraldine Buhrkohl
Greg Bennett Greg Bennett
Greg Bennett
Hanri Leroux Hanri Leroux
Hanri Leroux
Helmut Feder Helmut Feder
Helmut Feder
Holly Dover Holly Dover
Holly Dover
Hugh Robertson Hugh Robertson
Hugh Robertson
Ingrid Windisch Ingrid Windisch
Ingrid Windisch
James Poletti James Poletti
James Poletti
Jamie Green Jamie Green
Jamie Green
Jemma Parker Jemma Parker
Jemma Parker
Jess Cook Jess Cook
Jess Cook
Joana Paranhos Joana Paranhos
Joana Paranhos
Joanna Pobrotyn Joanna Pobrotyn
Joanna Pobrotyn
Joe Dizon Joe Dizon
Joe Dizon
John Viccars John Viccars
John Viccars
Jonathan Dixon Jonathan Dixon
Jonathan Dixon
Jo Wills Jo Wills
Jo Wills
Kerry Dunlop Kerry Dunlop
Kerry Dunlop
Kiki Tjia Kiki Tjia
Kiki Tjia
Kim North Kim North
Kim North
Laura Mchugh Laura Mchugh
Laura Mchugh
Lee Farrant Lee Farrant
Lee Farrant
Lee Greenwood Lee Greenwood
Lee Greenwood
Lee Hudson Lee Hudson
Lee Hudson
Leigh Butler Leigh Butler
Leigh Butler
Louise Gibson Louise Gibson
Louise Gibson
Louise Leite Louise Leite
Louise Leite
Lucy Heale Lucy Heale
Lucy Heale
Maria Maria
Matt Convery Matt Convery
Matt Convery
Matt Gould Matt Gould
Matt Gould
Maureen Jones Maureen Jones
Maureen Jones
Michael Betts Michael Betts
Michael Betts
Nadia Mkinsi Nadia Mkinsi
Nadia Mkinsi
Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes
Nicky Hughes
Nicole Perez Nicole Perez
Nicole Perez
Oliver Holcombe Oliver Holcombe
Oliver Holcombe
Olivia Brannigan Olivia Brannigan
Olivia Brannigan
Patricia Murray Patricia Murray
Patricia Murray
Patricia Strong Patricia Strong
Patricia Strong
Pauline Kerrigan Pauline Kerrigan
Pauline Kerrigan
Pepita Macalister-knight Pepita Macalister-knight
Philippa Dunn Philippa Dunn
Philippa Dunn
Phoebe Cairns Phoebe Cairns
Phoebe Cairns
Pippa Ancock Pippa Ancock
Pippa Hancock
Polly Schofield Polly Schofield
Polly Schofield
Rachel Helliwell Rachel Helliwell
Rachel Helliwell
Ravi Kajla Ravi Kajla
Ravi Kajla
Rebecca Bunting Rebecca Bunting
Rebecca Bunting
Rebecca Collins Rebecca Collins
Rebecca Collins
Robert Bolton Robert Bolton
Robert Bolton
Robin Burman Robin Burman
Robin Burman
Rob Price Rob Price
Rob Price
Rob Wilson Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson
Rory Sloan Rory Sloan
Rory Sloan
Rosa Chapman Rosa Chapman
Rosa Chapman
Ross Gosling Ross Gosling
Ross Gosling
Ryan Bedford Ryan Bedford
Ryan Bedford
Scott Ramsay Scott Ramsay
Scott Ramsay
Sharlene Hodgson Sharlene Hodgson
Sharlene Hodgson
Simon Moore Simon Moore
Simon Moore
Sophia Thomas Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas
Sophie Ware Sophie Ware
Sophie Ware
Stef Bellon Stef Bellon
Stef Bellon
Steve Fraser Steve Fraser
Steve Fraser
Theo Brown Theo Brown
Theo Brown
Tim Jenner Tim Jenner
Tim Jenner
Tim Jones Tim Jones
Tim Jones
Tom Moore Tom Moore
Tom Moore
Tom Reid Tom Reid
Tom Reid
Toms Tenner Toms Tenner
Toms Tenner
Tracy Sorgiovanni Tracy Sorgiovanni

We are also involved with two initiatives that highlight our commitment to sharing expertise and knowledge with other entrepreneurs:

Start-Up Britain: RPM supports this entrepreneurial industry initiative.

RPM Ventures: Providing support, resource and expertise to small start-up businesses such as The Wild Beer Co and Le Col. We are always on the look-out for new ‘ventures’ so contact us if you think you have one!

We support two local schools in particular:

Hammersmith Academy: Mentoring programme for 11-16 year-olds.

Greenside Primary School: Board Member, Lee Farrant, sits on the Board of Governors; staff volunteer to listen to children read; we help out at events and we part funded the school’s sensorial and early learning garden.